Student Focus


Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia

Name: Kimberly Garcia
Major: Vocal Music Education
Hometown: Nevada, IA
Planned Graduation Date: Fall 2024







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Stella Webster

Name: Stella Webster
Major: Performing Arts with emphases in Musical Theatre and Theatrical Design & Technology
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Planned Graduation Date: May 2024

Kalliopi Katsiris
Kalliopi Katsiris

Name: Kalliopi Katsiris
Major: Flute Performance
Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA
Planned Graduation Date: Spring 2024







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Kaushik Raghavan

Name: Kaushik Raghavan
Major: Performing Arts 
Hometown: Iowa City, IA
Planned Graduation Date: Spring 2025