Student Focus: Annika Baker

Name: Annika Bakersmiling woman

Major: Performing Arts and Accounting

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Planned Graduation Date: May 2025

In addition to Theatre, what are you involved with at ISU and beyond? In addition to theatre productions and classes, I am also a Student Representative for the Performing Arts department and a member of the Iowa State Singers

What projects are you working on right now, have coming up or have recently completed? Over the summer I was in a summer stock production of Elf The Musical in Bemidji, Minnesota, with the Paul Bunyan Playhouse, and I was a Finalist in the Bill Riley Talent Search at the Iowa State Fair. Right now, I am in rehearsals for Head Over Heels with ISU Theatre.

What is your favorite thing about your experiences at Iowa State? I think my favorite part of ISU theatre is the community. We have such a unique collection of students and faculty and staff that all care so deeply for one another. It is always clear to me that all our people are devoted to the art and the education, but they are deeply dedicated to one another. This community uplifts, supports, and genuinely cares.

Why did you choose the Department of Music and Theatre at ISU? For me, ISU was the last university I visited. I was convinced I was going to go to a private college. But the sheer number and scale of opportunities, scholarships available, and the students and faculty I met on my visit all made me change my mind!

What are your plans after graduation? Long-term I am looking to perform and work on personal taxes, especially for performers who are doing business in multiple states, locations, etc!

Any words of wisdom for prospective students? Take the opportunities, but take time for yourself too. A work-life balance is invaluable, and it applies to school too. Being an active member in your community is wonderful, but only as wonderful as your mental and emotional wellbeing. Grant yourself grace.