Student Focus: Mónica Toro Lebrón

Name: Mónica Toro Lebrónsmiling woman

Major: Performing Arts with an emphasis in Acting and Directing 

Hometown: Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

Planned Graduation Date: Fall 2023

In addition to Theatre, what are you involved with at ISU and beyond? In addition to my Performing Arts major, I have a minor in World Film Studies. I am heavily involved with ISU theatre working as an actor, director, stage manager, costume shop assistant and theatre office assistant. For 2 years I had the honor of being a Student Representative for the department. Now I have the opportunity to work as an office assistant for the Department of World Languages and Cultures. While outside of ISU I keep busy by work with Story Theater Company and Salisbury House and Garden!

What projects are you working on right now, have coming up or have recently completed? During Spring 2023 I was able to stage manage the production of "She Kills Monsters" and now this summer I was able to stage manage the production of "High School Musical Jr." at Story Theater Company. Now, I am working on the production of "Twelfth Night" with Salisbury House and Garden.

What is your favorite thing about your experiences at Iowa State? I have found lifelong friends. I discovered what my passion is and how to strive for it. I have loved my time here at Iowa State. I have created so many memories with friends, working on shows and in classes, it is difficult to pick just one experience. I am grateful for being trusted to stage manage "She Kills Monsters". It was an amazing learning experience where I grew both professionally and personally. I also would like to add that all my great experiences were because I was surrounded by people who support and care about me.

Why did you choose the Department of Music and Theatre at ISU? While searching for universities I found ISU theatre and thought the program was well balanced and saw there were many opportunities to work on productions. Now I enjoy being here since it is so easy to open up to faculty, everyone is kind/understanding and most importantly there is a lot of support from the department to see you succeed.

What are your plans after graduation? Currently, my thoughts are focused on getting through this semester and graduating. I do want to pursue a career in voice acting, script writing and acting for film and television. So, I am researching good locations to live in; plus wherever I go I would love to keep working with community theatres!

Any words of wisdom for prospective students? Speaking from experience, don't let mistakes block you from your goals. Learn from them and keep pushing forward. Also, remember to take care of yourself! It is more than okay to say no. Try to not overbook yourself.