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Devotion to one's society, fraternity, team-spirit and fellow-feeling. If this description intrigues you and if you are an entering freshman in the Department of Music, then consider joining the Department of Music's learning community.

Calendar of Events


The goal is to make the transition to a professional academic music program smoother for students, supporting good decisions in the first year.

The Learning Communities provides:

  • the opportunity to explore a music major in a uniquely supportive environment
  • mentoring from successful upper classmen
  • meetings and outings with your professors outside of class
  • a comprehensive orientation program
  • free tickets to attend professional concerts at CY Stephens Auditorium


For more information, contact Sonja Giles


Jacob Harrison

Student Quotes

"The learning community is a great way to meet your fellow music majors and to learn from students with experience."- Matt McCue

"The learning community gives me an inside track on what goes on in the music department. The mentor program is great and I love the free concert tickets." - Meggan Stone


A list of members and their email address is available here.