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The Iowa State University Department of Music & Theatre awards scholarships primarily on the basis of auditions, with consideration also given to academic qualifications and departmental needs. These scholarships are available to performing arts/theatre majors, music majors in voice, winds, percussion and keyboard, and to both music and non-music majors in strings and double reeds.

Learn about Theatre and Performing Arts Scholarships.

Music Scholarships can only be awarded to students wishing to pursue a music major OR non-music majors on strings or double reeds. Non-Music Major Scholarships for strings and double-reeds are intended to cover the cost of private music lessons with one of the Department of Music and Theatre's applied instructors. To be considered for scholarships offered through the Department of Music and Theatre and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), the general OneApp application and the Music Major application must be completed and submitted by Friday, February 9, 2024.

Learn about music scholarship application and audition information and deadlines.

Each year, the Music Department offers nearly $150,000 in scholarships and general awards. Students do not need to apply for a particular scholarship since the application process applies to all awards.

Most of these named scholarships are four-year awards and are designated for entering music majors. Some scholarships are offered in recognition of outstanding service to the department and its music ensembles. Such service awards are one-time awards for continuing students nominated by the faculty.

The same scholarship application procedures apply to incoming music majors, to eligible transfer students and to students who change from a non-music major to a major in music after the beginning of the fall semester. Currently, enrolled music majors without scholarships are usually ineligible for a new scholarship. In exceptional cases, however, the applied teacher may initiate an application on behalf of the student.

This recommendation should be submitted by a school music director and/or a private teacher who is familiar with your musical ability. Your application file will not be considered complete without this completed application form and at least one recommendation form. Along with the forms, you must also attend an audition session. All applications for scholarships must be completed by early February of the current year in which you apply for admission.

Students may also qualify for need-based scholarships, grants, and loans through the ISU Office of Student Financial Aid. As the Music Department is a component of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, another resource to check is the LAS College Scholarship Site, which has additional information on scholarships available to LAS students.


The Music Department offers named scholarships and general awards. Students do not need to apply for a particular music scholarship since the same application process applies to all awards.

Several of the department's scholarship endowments are named in honor of former or current music faculty members including:

  • Marion P. Barnum Memorial Piano Scholarship
  • Joseph Z. Christensen (instrumental/band) Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard Koupal (voice) Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert McCowen Scholarship
  • Ilza Niemack (string) Memorial Scholarship
  • Ira Schroeder Music Scholarship
  • Dr. Barry J. Larkin Memorial Percussion Scholarship
  • Robert Molison Scholarship in Music
  • Simon and Ovida Estes Scholarship

Other scholarships are named in honor of former students, donors, or special friends of Iowa State Music:

  • Marjorie Benzler Music Scholarship
  • Barbara Jean Brown Scholarship
  • Jeremy Harden Memorial Drumline Scholarship
  • Marvin Moeckley (organ) Scholarship
  • William Wildman AIOFA Scholarship
  • Perry Sumner (flute) Scholarship
  • Beers-Doe Carillon Scholarship
  • Martha-Ellen Tye Music Scholarship
  • James R. and Laurie K. Young Legacy of Heroines Scholarship
  • Nicole Sosalla Spirt and Dedication Award
  • Martha-Ellen Tye Music Scholarship
  • Donald and Trudy Budlong Family Scholarship
  • Mary Massey Baumann Music Scholarship
  • Fleming Award in Organ Study
  • Mariel K. Oftelie Music Scholarship
  • Paul Randels and Marilyn Myers Scholarship
  • Nicole Sosalla Memorial Fund (Band)
  • Tom Walvoord and Ellen Molleston Walvoord Scholarship
  • Iowa State University Alumni Band Scholarship
  • Joey Wilgenbusch Memorial Scholarship (Opera)
  • Durbin Zheng Award
  • Irene Klingseis Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Loren Hoelscher Scholarship
  • Doris Riehm Music Scholarship

Please contact the Main Office, at 515.294.3831 or with any questions regarding the entrance process or music scholarships.