About Music


The Department of Music offers a strong undergraduate music program, where students study with full-time faculty professionals in a supportive environment that encourages students to become their best.

Department of Music Mission Statement

The Department of Music is committed to a philosophy of education that draws its goals from the larger purposes of liberal arts education and from the guidelines of its accrediting agency, the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The primary aims of the department are to prepare students for a variety of professions in music, to provide all students with educational experiences that will enhance their understanding of and aesthetic sensitivity to music, and to serve as a vital force in the cultural life of the university, the community, and throughout the state and nation. The activities of the department reflect the university's commitment to excellence in teaching, creativity, and service.

The program of the music department is twofold. It provides:

  1. A comprehensive program of professional studies for students who wish to prepare for careers in music, including teaching, performance, and composition, and for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in music.
  2. Courses in music literature, history, theory and areas of performance for all students, regardless of major.

Department of Music Vision Statement

  • recruiting outstanding student musicians.
  • offering personal attention, small class sizes, outstanding faculty, and a student-centered learning environment.
  • providing opportunities for all students to have memorable, first-class experiences in the performing arts.
  • developing national stature in the understanding and effective use of technology in the performing arts.
  • supporting diversity through the study and performance of music from various world cultures.
  • creating outstanding music/theatre professionals as well as life-long learners.
  • placing all graduates in teaching, business, graduate school, or professional performance venues.
  • The department has a strong tradition of offering the best in undergraduate education and outreach. It is committed to:

Department of Music Strategic Plan

Adopted Fall, 2014

Our Strategic Plan is in support of our department’s Mission and Vision Plans.  This plan is reviewed in the fall of each year to review these goals and to evaluate our progress towards these priorities.


  • Continue to create and adapt courses in the music curriculum, as required by the state legislature and NASM
  • Continue to combine courses in the music education curriculum, to more effectively cover material while possibly reducing credit hours
  • Evaluate effectiveness of new curriculum in Music Education, including MUS 374 and MUS 340
  • Review teaching loads for faculty, to help with new course instruction and reviewing the impact on advising and graduation
  • Establish committee to investigate courses in Music Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Replace lecturer positions with tenure-track positions to better serve students


  • Continue to strengthen connections with the university and local communities
  • Continue to review and update Friends of Music and Advisory Committee contacts
  • Continue to publicize activities and events through our webpage and summer newsletter
  • Encourage and fund off-campus performances of faculty and student ensembles
  • Cultivate and maintain strong connections with our alumni
  • Establish a committee to investigate ways to better publicize our department through printed materials, the web, and social media


  • Recruit, support, retain and graduate outstanding undergraduate students that are prepared for success
  • Investigate using Acceptd software that assists in locating prospective students
  • Seek additional funding to support student recruitment
  • Continue to receive student input from Student Representative Council and exiting students
  • Replace lecturer positions with tenure-track positions to better serve students


  • Continue to identify and work with donors/benefactors to assist with significant gifts
  • Establish a committee to investigate ways to increase scholarship monies for students
  • Add a “Ways to Give” area on our department website
  • Find new ways to enhance our annual fundraising campaign mailing
  • Encourage faculty to take advantage of existing grant programs through the Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities and the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


  • Investigate addition to Music Hall for a larger Recital Hall and additional classroom space


  • Following completion of NASM review, investigate the creation of a graduate program in Music Education and an undergraduate degree in Music Theatre