Student Focus: Peter Bekkerus

May 3, 2018

Peter Bekkerus in front of a body of water.

Name: Peter Bekkerus

Major: Instrumental Music Education

Hometown: Denison, IA

Graduation: May 2019 (Planned)

Instrument: Euphonium

Ensembles: ISU Wind Ensemble, previously ISUCF’V’MB, Women’s & Men’s Basketball Pep Band, Volleyball Pep Band

What pieces are you working on right now? "I just finished working on Euphonium Concerto by John Stevens and Harlequin by Philip Sparke (performed with the Wind Ensemble!!) Now, I am planning pieces for my senior recital."

What is your favorite thing about your experiences so far? "My favorite thing about my experience so far is the relationships I’ve made with both peers and professors. The friends I’ve made at Iowa State are all genuine and care for my well-being, and the professors I know and work with all care for my success and well-being."

Why did you choose the Department of Music & Theatre at ISU? I chose Iowa State because of the atmosphere on campus. It felt like home to me. The professors all made me feel welcome when I visited, and they have continued to do so throughout my career at Iowa State.

Advice for prospective students: Work hard, practice harder, and have fun every second of it. Four years can fly by in an instant; enjoy the friendships and memories you will make.