Student Focus: Calvin Clark

March 8, 2021

Name: Calvin ClarkISU Theatre student Calvin Clark

Major: Performing Arts and Journalism

Hometown: Fort Dodge, Iowa

Planned Graduation Date: Summer 2021

What theatre projects are you working on right now? I am currently the Assistant Director of the upcoming spring musical Songs for a New World. In that position I will be in charge of the storyboarding and broadcasting of the show, as it will be livestreamed every evening.

What is your favorite thing about your experiences at Iowa State? My favorite thing is how supportive the students and faculty are of each others' projects and ambitions.

Why did you choose the Dept. of Music and Theatre at ISU? The department is the perfect size in that there's always something you can get involved with, but it still maintains that feeling of a tight knit community.

What are your plans after graduation? Currently in the works. Stay tuned!Calvin Clark as Franklin Hart Jr

Any words of wisdom for prospective students? Know your limits, but don't be afraid to say "yes" to new opportunities. There's no telling what you will learn, or the great people you'll meet along the way.

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