Student Focus: Abby Freymuth

November 2, 2020

Name:            Abby Freymuth Abby Freymuth

Major:            Music Education

Hometown:    Mahomet, Il 

Planned Graduation Date:  Spring of '23 

What are you involved with here at ISU and beyond? 

I am involved in Kappa Kappa Psi, our band service fraternity, and I play sousaphone in the marching band. 

What pieces are you working on right now? 

Right now I am working on etudes, the wind ensemble pieces, and Symphonic Variants by James Curnow. 

What are you doing/looking forward to this semester?

I always look forward to being able to play in ensembles and go to marching band rehearsals. This is extra special this semester since it has been a while since we have all been able to play in ensembles together. 

What is your favorite thing about your experiences at Iowa State? 

My favorite thing about my experience at Iowa State has been the lifelong friendships I've made! I also adore the faculty here, and I feel lucky to be able to work in the classroom and individually with them. 

Why did you choose the Dept. of Music and Theatre at ISU? 

I chose the Department of Music and Theatre at Iowa State since the department is only undergraduate students. I really enjoy that I am able to work with faculty so closely as well as being able to TA within the department. I also love working with Christian Carichner, the Tuba and Euphonium professor, he has been such a great mentor to me. 

What are you interests beyond music and theatre? 

Outside of the music world I am very passionate about hiking and kayaking. I'm a big fan of exploring national parks I've never been to! I'm also a big fan of drinking way too much bubble tea after lectures with friends since the tea shop is just down the street. 

What are your plans after graduation? 

After graduation I plan on attending graduate school for a masters in conducting or education and then pursuing a doctoral degree in one of the fields. Eventually I would like to be the athletic band director at a university. 

Any words of wisdom for prospective students?    

My advice to future students is to always remember to take care of yourself and allow yourself to have down time. Music is a busy major, but you also need to live and have a fun college experience. You can't make great music without great life experiences to draw from. Finding a balance that works for you is so important. 

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