A Poke in the Eye

A much-heralded international theatre troupe-none of them speaking a word of English- arrives at Iowa State University’s Fisher Theater on their grand tour of America. All is well but for the fact that their set and costumes are stuck in customs. On top of this, the university publicity insists they will be playing a Shakespeare classic instead of the postmodern-avant-garde-neo-Brechtian social drama they had intended to present. A Poke in the Eye follows their attempts to scramble together a production without the benefit of a script. In the tradition of the Commedia dell’Arte each actor draws on their own personality traits and skills be they acrobatic, verbal or musical. There are battles for power, lover’s quarrels and misunderstandings. Simple tasks become the opportunity for clown acts and the Bard’s work is respectfully massacred.

October 1, 2-4, 9-11, 1998 – Fisher Theater, Ames


Creative Team

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