Will Coeur

Will Coeur is a theatrical designer specializing in Lighting, Projection, and Sound Design. Will graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater from Southern Illinois University, and received his Master of Fine Arts Degree in Lighting Design from Western Illinois University. Will has worked in theatres of all shapes and sizes around the country, and is constantly trying to stay on the cutting edge of theatre including serving as the primary alpha tester for new theatre-focused softwares. Outside of design Will focuses his efforts on automating systems and processes for how we approach theatre to improve efficiency primarily through creating integrated media control systems that can fire all cues from a single control station. Favorite designs include Songs for a New World (Iowa State University), Into the Woods (McLeod Summer Playhouse), La Traviata (Opera Southwest), and Aladdin (Fulton Theatre). www.coeurdesigns.net

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