Practice Room Schedule- Reserve Spots for F21

August 13, 2021

Reserve practice times here!

Practice room policies have changed. Practice rooms times will follow ISU class times with 15 minutes between each reservation. Upon leaving a practice room, please prop the door open with a chair or bench. This will allow 15 minutes of air flow into the room before the next reservation. Do NOT linger in a practice room before or after the reserved time. This new policy has been created while keeping student's health and well-being in mind.

To follow ISU classes, reservation times differ from day to day. Most Monday, Wednesday, Friday time slots are 50 minutes, Tuesday and Thursday are 75 minutes, and all evenings and weekends are 45 minutes long. Please sign up 1-2 times per day based on the number of credits taken for applied lessons. (Ex. if applied lessons are 2 credits, a student can make 2 reservations.) Anyone can use an unreserved practice room or a room that is still unoccupied 15 minutes after a reservation started.