Join the Winds


The Winds Section of the ISUCF’V’MB is made up from over 200 woodwind and brass players from across the nation and even the world.  Below you will find the audition materials you need to prepare for the process to join.  The audition is split up into two sections each worth 50 of 100 points:  Music and Marching.

Music Auditions

For the playing portion of the audition, you will be asked to play the following etude not memorized and the fight song memorized as a blind audition for one of our adjudicators.  To relieve stress for this audition and provide an equal chance for all, the judges will be located behind curtains to both preserve their identities and your own.

Audition Etudes (not memorized)

Fight Song (Memorized)

Marching Auditions

The marching portion of the audition will be a series of short marching sequences that will be taught to you during the Fundamentals portion of band camp.  These sequences will be comprised of some of the basic techniques that you will use as a member of the ISUCF’V’MB.