Cyclone Marching Academy - June 17


Cyclone Marching Academy is one of the most popular marching band camps in the Midwest!  We offer three unique tracks within the Cyclone Marching Academy: Percussion, Color Guard, and Leadership.

Offering instruction from some of the best educators across the country, the Cyclone Marching Academy helps to develop over 250 students each year so they return to their high school band programs and have a positive impact on the culture and performance of their band.

We are so excited to announce that the 2022 Cyclone Marching Academy IS ON!!

June 17-18*, 2022

*Color Guard track is offered ONLY on Friday, June 17.

Register by June 10 to ensure your spot!

2022 Camp Fees:

$75 for each day of instruction - students will choose to attend either Friday or Saturday as the same content will be delivered both days.  This change reflects our commitment to ensuring the safety of students attending the camp by limiting capacity to ensure social distancing practices.

Since 2022 is a one day camp, housing will not be offered as part of the 2022 Cyclone Marching Academy

Example Camp Schedule:

8:00-8:45am - Registration

9:00am-12:00pm - Instruction, Masterclasses, and Sectionals

12:00pm - Lunch (provided individual boxed lunches) and Staff Performances

1:00pm-4:00pm - Instruction, Masterclasses, and Sectionals

4:00pm-4:30pm - Snack break (provided) 

4:30pm-5:30pm - Filming and final performances (not open to public, but will be filmed and broadcast at the conclusion of the camp!)



Registration for 2022 is now open! Click here to register!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is the camp only one day this year?

 - We feel that this the best way for us to keep students safe and still provide an outstanding educational experience.  We did this in 2021 and received tons of positive feedback on our one day offerings.

With the camp only being one day, what other changes are you making?

 - We are focusing on fundamentals and instruction much more this year, whereas in previous years we also focused on preparing for a final performance/exhibition for parents and friends.  Since we won't be offering a final performance to the public, it allows us to "get back into the groove" of improving fundamentals after a year where many students did not enjoy the traditional robust band experience.  This decision was made in consultation with local high school programs who shared that students were eager to get back to something "normal" like our camp, and those students would benefit the most from a fundamentals and technique-based approach.

I want to attend the "advanced" percussion track - what's that all about?

 - We are offering the option that students who want to take a "deeper dive" into the technique and content would be able to attend both days of the camp.  You could choose to simply sign up for the "Fundamentals track" on Friday, and then the "Advanced track" on Saturday.  If you want to skip the fundamentals track on Friday and only show up for the Saturday Advanced track, you'll need to send us a audition video for acceptance by June 10th (details will be sent out via email if you've chosen this option)

I'm interested in more than one track (percussion and leadership, for example), can I choose to participate in both?

 - Yes! One of the benefits of our 2022 single day offerings means that students could attend one camp on Friday, and a different "track" on Saturday!  

Can I come to both days of one track?

 - We plan to offer the same exact content each day of the camp, so you wouldn't get as much benefit out of attending a second day - plus it means that we would be able to reach fewer students across the two day experience.  Our goal is to impact and improve as many students as possible, so we ask that you choose just one day to attend -- or choose a different track for the second day. ** the exception to this is the "percussion advanced track" which is described above. 

 - Color Guard will only be offered on day 1, so there will not be an opportunity to attend a second day.

What age/experience is this camp designed for?

 - Overall, the camp is designed for students entering 9th grade all the way through senior year of high school.  Students who have just graduated high school are also welcome.  Our percussion and guard tracks are tailored for the individual student - beginner through advanced.  For percussion, we suggest that students have familiarity with percussion as this would not be a camp to teach the basics of music.  Students should have completed a few years of band experience before tackling marching percussion.  For colorguard, we recognize that some students might be brand new to colorguard and we can accommodate that.  For the leadership track, we suggest that these students have at least one year of marching band experience and either exhibit an interest in being a leader within their band or are already on the leadership team for their band.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

 - Percussion - you should bring sticks and a pad if you own one (make sure to label it with your name!), and we'll provide all the drums and music!

 - Guard - we will provide a flag to spin (with a 6 foot pole) and have some rifles available (if you are signed up for the rifle track). All other accessories (such as gloves) are your responsibility.

 - Leadership - we will provide materials for you to take notes during your sessions to help you retain the valuable information you'll receive!