Amanda Meyer (Maach) - Alumni Highlights

Name: Amanda Meyer (Maach)
Major at ISU: Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Vocal
Graduation Year: 2008
Hometown: Ogden, IA
Current Residence: Norwalk, IA






What were you involved in during your time at ISU:
I took part in choir, band, and Stars Over Veisha. 

What do you currently do for a living:
I started my own business called "Music Class for Tots" and provide music classes for children ages birth - preK in the Des Moines metro area. I have a team of six teachers including myself who currently help share music with little ones. A large part of my business is partnering with daycare centers and providing weekly music enrichment classes. We also provide family evening music classes across the metro for parents to enjoy with their children. I also visit in-home daycares, private preschools, and preschools within public schools.

Can you share a particularly interesting or inspiring story that occurred in your career?
A turning point in my career happened when a local in-home daycare/preschool reached out to me and asked if I'd be willing to visit her home to teach a music class to her children. At this point in my life, I was busy being a stay-at-home mom to my growing family and was only teaching family evening classes in Norwalk because I missed teaching and wanted my children to be exposed to music at an early age. My classes took off from there and I realized there was a growing need for early childhood music education in our area.

Are there other ways that you participate in your community and/or hot to engage as a Citizen Artist?
I am a member of the Norwalk Chamber of I am Commerce, volunteer at my four children's elementary schools, and offer a variety of free classes to the Norwalk and Des Moines communities in conjunction with National Kid's Music Day and Week.

How did your time at ISU prepare you for your career?
I am thankful for my time at ISU for enabling me to build a strong foundation of musical and educational knowledge to help me become the best music teacher for my students. I remember feeling impatient those first few years of classes thinking, "When do I get to teach?" Those years of theory, ear training, history & piano are so vital in becoming the best educator/performer/artist!

What was your favorite class while you were at ISU? Why?
My favorite class at ISU was music education method courses with Dr. Munsen! I loved learning about the different teaching philosophies, creating lesson plans, and getting to "practice teaching" in those classes.

How was your involvement in music and theatre beneficial in different parts of your life?
Coming from a small town it was so neat for me to be able to experience theater and performing in a bigger setting that ISU offers.

Any words of wisdom for current or prospective students?
Your passion, drive, and love for the arts are what will get you through these next few years. Think of your end goal and hold onto that! There were many times I could have given up while working towards my degree and done something easier. But I knew I wanted to share my love of music with children someday. So I kept picking myself up and moving forward and I'm so glad I did!