Student Focus: Elise Cameron

Elise Cameron
Elise Cameron  

Name: Elise Cameron 

Major: Performing Arts with emphases in Acting and Directing and Musical Theatre; Music BM

Hometown: Arcadia, IA

Planned Graduation Date: May 2022

What are you involved with here at ISU and beyond? I am a member of the Wind Ensemble on Oboe, Iowa State University Cyclone Football 'Varsity' Marching Band Guide and Tenor Saxophone, Dub-H Dance Club,  and All Strings Attached Orchestra in Carroll, Iowa, on Viola. I am also a Dance/Gymnastic Teacher with Ames Parks and Rec.

What music and theatre projects are you working on right now or have recently completed? This semester, I was in the ISU Theatre and Opera's production of Street Scene as Mrs. Jones. I also completed an internship with Story Theater Company as the Choreographer for Frozen Jr.

What is your favorite thing about your experiences at Iowa State? I love that I am able to explore all of my passions. I have been able to continue playing my instruments, while pursuing my Theatre and Music degrees. You could say that I "chose my adventure at Iowa State!" I love the environment of the people. I have made so many friends through shows I've been in and in marching band. It has really become a family environment. I also love that I've been able to be in school with both my older sister and my younger twin sisters, again.

 Why did you choose the Dept. of Music and Theatre at ISU? I chose Iowa State for several reasons. At   first, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to major in and do with my life. I thought that I could start with theatre and music, as it's all I've ever known and go from there. I also didn't want to be too far from home, and it was a bonus that my older sister already went here and loved it. I figured I'd give Iowa State the good old college try and now here we are! The Department of Music and Theatre here at ISU have roped me in on my wild adventure. I started as only a Performing Arts major and wound up adding Music as well. I am so glad I've gotten to collaborate and learn from so many amazing professors!

 What are your plans after graduation? My immediate plans aren't super exciting or concrete because, ya know, money :) But that aside, I plan to work for a year and then move to New York City to pursue my dream of performing professionally.

 Any words of wisdom for prospective students? Never settle for anything less than you want/need in your life. What I mean by this, take care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, physically, and educationally. If you want to be involved in multiple disciplines or programs or activities, you do it. Go for it, because you can live with the amazing memories of doing it versus living with the regret of not doing it. Be bold, be brave, be ISU.