Student Focus: Davis Vande Steeg - Senior Performing Arts Major

Name: Davis Vande Steeg

Davis Vande Steeg
Davis Vande Steeg, Senior in Performing Arts

Major: Performing Arts
Hometown: Pella, Iowa
Planned Graduate Date: Spring 2019

What have you been involved in at ISU and beyond? 

I have been employed at Fisher Theatre as a Lighting Assistant, Memorial Union in the Maintenance Shop as Head Student Technician, a Stagehand at Stephen’s Auditorium, member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, and have been shows at both Boone Community Theatre and ACTORs (Ames Community Theatre).

What are you currently working on?

I have had the opportunity to direct and choreograph the Student Produced production of First Date (March 28-30th). As this is occurring, I am also the lighting designer for the ISU Theatre production of Godspell (April 5-14th). In conjunction with my work on Godspell, I was also chosen to be an ISU Focus Grant recipient where I will be giving a backstage look at the production of Godspell from a lighting perspective. 

What is your favorite thing about your experience so far?

My favorite experience has been that if you want to work backstage or be on stage you can, even as a freshman! Many of the opportunities from dance, music, and theatre is open to students of all majors. The family that you develop while at ISU from the faculty and friends can be quite extensive. It amazes me everyday when I think about how many people care to hear about how your day is and what it is you are up to; so many people here just want to see you succeed. My favorite course is between Script Analysis and Stage Makeup as these classes are hands on and there is never a dull moment in understanding a script or becoming a reanimated corpse. 

Why did you choose the Department of Music & Theatre at ISU?

I chose this program because of the ability to study anything! I am currently studying acting and directing along with taking numerous classes in design and dance. The number of job opportunities to help you afford class and to travel abroad is numerous. ISU may seem like a large campus but when you start being a member of many organizations and start meeting new people, the campus starts to feel like home away from home.

What are your interests beyond music and theatre?

Theatre is such a huge part of my life at ISU but when I do get some time to myself I love to stay at home and serenade my upstairs neighbors with music at the piano or spend some hours watching “That 70’s Show” or “The Office”.

What are you looking forward to this semester?

While working in the M-Shop there are many traveling shows that come through ranging from rock to country, and they are always a joy to work with and mix for. I also have the opportunity to design for the Orchesis 2 spring dance show and the Orchesis 1 student produced production. At the end of each semester it is always nice to take a break during finals week by going/designing for the Ten Minute (Fall) and the One Act (Spring) Festivals. 

Any words of wisdom for prospective students?

College is an experience that starts slow but will be gone before you know it. Be a part of as many clubs and organizations as you can handle and have FUN! When choosing your degree, don’t think about how much money or where it will take you as much as if you will enjoy it. I chose theatre because I knew that I would hate to sit at a desk from 9-5 daily. If you are not enjoying your degree of choice, don’t be afraid to switch and pursue something else. Be sure to ALWAYS make some time for yourself as well; don’t get caught up in working and never having time to take care of yourself. You can only keep doing what you love if you are healthy enough. I do so much and am always trying to find time to eat and sleep, but there isn't moment that I would change.