Student Focus: Christian Loaiza, Senior Music Education Major

Name: Christian Loaiza

Christian Loaiza

Major: Music Education
Hometown: Perry, Iowa
Planned Graduate Date: Spring 2019

Ensembles you’re involved in at ISU and beyond: I have been a part of ISUCF'V'MB, Symphonic Band, Flute Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Ames Municipal Band, and the Central Iowa Symphony.

What pieces are you working on right now? I recently gave my senior recital, in which I performed: Fantaisie for Flute and Piano by Georges Hüe, Sonata in E Minor by J.S. Bach, Deep Blue by Ian Clarke, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra by Jacques Ibert, and my own arrangement of "Remember Me" from the Pixar movie "Coco".

What is your favorite thing about your experience so far? Favorite course? My favorite thing about my experience so far is the sense of family and friends provided in the program. Many of my favorite experiences come from making beautiful music with my best friends beside me. My favorite course has to be my applied lessons with my flute professor. I'm grateful to have a professor that pushes me to become the best musician I can be while being my parent away from home. :)

Why did you choose the Department of Music & Theatre at ISU?  I chose this program because of the amount of opportunities offered, scholarships, and having professors that want each and one of their students to succeed. 

What are your interests beyond music and theatre?  Honestly I don't do much outside of music, but when I'm not teaching or playing my flute, I love playing with my dog, spending time with my friends and family, and if I have time, I'll spend hours binge watching a Netflix show. 

What are you doing/looking forward to this semester?  This semester I am student teaching at Ames Middle School and Valley Southwoods 9th Grade Building. I am very excited to be in a classroom everyday and apply all the knowledge I have obtained in the last three and a half years. Along with student teaching, I'll be applying for jobs and becoming a real adult!

Any words of wisdom for prospective students?  College goes by rather quickly so ENJOY your time. Find hobbies that are not music, step outside of your comfort zone, and have FUN. I decided to make the most out of my college experience, and I am lucky to say that I would not change any of it!