Student Focus: Keaton Lane '19

Name: Keaton Lane 

Keaton Lane
Keaton Lane, Senior in Performing Arts and Journalism

Majors: Journalism and Mass Communication and Performing Arts (emphasis in acting and directing) 

Hometown: Elkader, Iowa 

Graduation: Spring 2019 


What are you involved with here at Iowa State?

I’ve been involved with a number of things at Iowa State. I have been most involved with ISU Theatre, and have performed in one main-stage show every semester since I’ve been here. I also have worked backstage as a stagehand, been on a wardrobe crew and worked front of house as a house manager. Throughout the last four years I have also written for the Iowa State Daily, sang with Iowa Statesmen and am a member of Mortar Board Honor Society. 


What is your favorite thing about your experiences so far?

My favorite thing about my experiences so far is easily the people that I have met and the relationships that I’ve established. I’ve met some of my best friends and closest mentors in the ISU Theatre Program and I am so grateful for them. They push me and support me and make it a lot of fun along the way, too. 


Why did you choose Iowa State’s Theatre Program?

I chose Iowa State’s Theatre Program because I wanted as much hands-on experience as possible. At a lot of the more well-known programs you might have to wait until your Junior or Senior year to make it into a main-stage production, and that just didn’t make sense to me. Theatre is about doing, and I wanted as many opportunities as possible to learn by doing. I also really enjoyed the flexibility that the program offered, and the ability to take classes in all areas of theatre instead of just performance. It makes for a more well-rounded experience, and makes me better at working with people from all aspects of theatre. 


Advice for prospective students:

Be passionate, but even more so, work hard. I’m a firm believer that talent is wasted if you’re lazy, and the desire to get better will take you a lot further than natural ability. I also would encourage students to find mentors the second that they get to campus and to be really honest about your goals with them. It’s their job to help you, but they can’t do that well if they don’t know what you want to accomplish. Above all of these things, have fun. I’ve heard a lot of people say that if you can see yourself doing anything else as a career, do that, and I totally agree. No one pursues theatre because it’s easy, so if you aren’t passionate and it doesn’t bring you joy, it isn’t worth doing.