Music History
Iowa State University
Frank Piersol

1956 Band performing on the field.
Way out front in brand new red and black uniforms is the Iowa State Marching Band.  By performing for the home football games and Starts Over Veishea, these 120 musicians contribute to the spirit and to the good quality of music Iowa State boasts.  Practicing three times a week, the musicians strive for perfection in timing, rhythm, and formations.  Their success with this goal put the band in the same class with leasing college bands all over the country.  President Jerry Dohrman helped director Frank A. Piersol in the arrangement of the band formations and the selection of music.

A few members of the band, including a female player, on the field
A female bell player performs at the front of this line. 



The 1950s Band uniform in red The Iowa State College Bands Arm Patch
These uniforms looked nice, and although they were still used for a while after 1950s, they were not quite appropriate to be used by the Iowa State Marching Band because by then, Iowa State College had become Iowa State University.  The school's proper name was then "Iowa State University of Science and Technology".