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News Article about the Iowa State Band
Iowa State Marching Band information ready for a 1949 football game 
Alvin Edgar is the director.

A salute to the Iowa State Marching Band! Rain or shine they are ready to entertain us at the football games. They do more than any other single organization to add color, pep, and zest to the athletic events.

            All parts of Iowa, as well as nine other states are represented in the all men’s band this year.  Of the 100 men marching today, 70 percent are former service men.

            The Iowa State Marching Band prepares these half-time shows with only three rehearsals. The maneuvers and formations put on by the band are tribute to the efficiency and alertness with which the members carry out their assignments.


            The Iowa State Marching Band has arranged a fine show for us today. The band will form at the south end of the field with half the band forming a “V” outside of a block formed by the remainder of the band. After the fanfare, the band will march down the field and form a “U” of “O” in honor of the visiting team. This formation is floated to the north end of the field where the band reforms into “ISC” and comes down the field playing the “Fight Song”.

            The band will then divide and form two grand pianos and play “Chopsticks” and a concert arrangement of “MY Hero” by Oscar Strauss. A surprise formation is also promised along about this time.

            The men behind the show are Alvin R. Edgar, and Harry E. Holmberg, of the Music department. Prof. Edgar is starting his twelfth season as director of band and orchestra at Iowa State College.




10th Concert Band Tour Program
Program for the 10th Annual Concert Band Tour 
by Alvin Edgar and Iowa State College's Concert Band.

10th Concert Band Tour Program