1969 Symphony Band Concert Tour

Music History

This photo is not one of the 1972 Veishea photos, but is from 1969.  It shows Alan Spohnheimer seated in the ISU Band tour bus.  Each year during spring break, the Symphony Band would take a concert tour, traveling by bus.  There was usually an attempt to alternate a local in-state tour with an out-of-state tour the following year.  On one trip across Illinois, one Greyhound broke down, and all 80+ members, horns, and uniforms were removed to the other bus for the day's trip.

One year, Mr. Ostling led the band on a tour which included performances in Illinois, Michigan, and New York (Endicott, Niagra Falls, and New York City's Town Hall).  The small equipment crew (two students) smuggled bicycles along inside the equipment truck behind the stands, timpani and everything else.  The soon found that although the buses could travel fast, the equipment truck would only go 45 to 50 mph.  Beginning the second day of the tour, they and the truck driver would wake up early in order to begin driving east at 5:30 AM.  Sometimes, they would arrive after the band in the bus.