1968 Marching Band

Music History
Iowa State University

The photos on this page were posted on the bulletin board in Exhibit Hall so the ISU Marching Band members could learn what needed to be improved during performances in Clyde Williams Field.  The managers of the band would take pictures during half-time shows and then highlight flaws to motivate the men to work towards a perfect show the following Saturday.

These years, the marching band would work towards the Saturday performance in Clyde Williams Field by practicing across the street (West) from Exhibit Hall.  Beyer Hall Gym (and the few tennis courts) was the only thing across the street.  It was all grass all the way to within sight of the cemetery.

photo was meant to tease the director (Joseph Messenger) by giving him some of his own advice, 
Heels together, please










This Several band managers, dressed in gold jackets, are pictured holding the ladder.

ISU Band Day for high school bands on the Clyde Williams Field 
The ISU Marching Band is in the stands, marked with the top center rectangle.

The first Iowa State College "Band Day", when area high school bands 
were invited to participate in a massed show in the half time show, was in 1953.

The ISU Marching Band has left their position in the stands to perform the half time show.  The band managers are visible holding props for the face of the stick figure.

During the 1968 marching band season the entire football stadium went into shock as the band (still all male) played a non-traditional version of the Star Spangled Banner which Mr. Ostling had arranged. The band might have eventually warmed up to his arrangement, but the athletic department didn't, and pressured Mr. Ostling into returning to the traditional arrangement.