Lyrica and Cantamus: November 11, 2023

Saturday, November 11, 2023 - 4:30pm
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Cantamus and Lyrica


Lyrica, a treble voice choir at Iowa State University, is a captivating vocal group that showcases the beauty and power of female voices. With their exquisite harmonies and expressive performances, Lyrica enchants audiences with their exceptional talent and artistry. Led by Dr. Jennifer Rodgers, this ensemble delivers memorable and inspiring musical experiences that resonate with listeners long after the performance ends. 

The Cantamus ensemble at Iowa State University is an esteemed treble voice group renowned for their exquisite artistry and captivating performances. Comprised of highly skilled singers, the ensemble showcases a diverse repertoire that encompasses a wide range of choral music styles. With their harmonious blend, precision, and expressive interpretations, Cantamus mesmerizes audiences with their enchanting vocal performances. Led by Dr. Jennifer Rodgers, the ensemble's commitment to musical excellence and their deep passion for choral music are evident in every note they sing. Whether performing on campus or at prestigious events, Cantamus leaves a lasting impression with their exceptional talent and unwavering dedication to creating beautiful and meaningful music. 

Nestled within the Music Building on the enchanting campus of Iowa State University, Martha Ellen Tye Recital Hall stands as a hidden gem, offering a captivating space for music concerts and recitals. With its thoughtfully arranged seating and unobstructed sightlines, this cherished recital hall’s atmosphere envelops both performers and audiences to create an intimate connection that heightens the emotional impact of the music. This intimate venue has earned a well-deserved reputation as a haven for exceptional musical performances. 

Tickets are $5 cash/check only and will be available to purchase at the door 30 minutes before the concert begins.  

This concert will be live-streamed through the Recital Hall Webcast here