ISU Symphony Orchestra Auditions


Audition Information 

When will auditions take place? Symphony Orchestra auditions will be held August 20, 2023 for students wishing to participate in the fall semester. Students can sign up for a 10 minute audition time on the ISU Symphony Orchestra  board on the main floor in Simon Estes Music Hall beginning Tuesday, August 15th. Auditions will be held in ESTES 229.

What should I prepare? Students should prepare one solo piece of their choice and be prepared to play a couple of excerpts listed below.


String Auditions Excerpts Fall 2023

*please note that in the Beethoven V violin and viola parts, the third and fourth movement is not seperated by a double bar; therefore, the violin excerpt begins at m. 374, and the viola excerpt begins at m. 506*

*if there are two parts for your instrument (ie Cello I and II), please prepare the excerpts for the first part*


Flute Audition Excerpts Fall 2023

Clarinet Audition Excerpts Fall 2023

Oboe Audition Excerpts Fall 2023

Bassoon Audition Excerpts Fall 2023


French Horn Audition Excerpts Fall 2023

Trumpet Audition Excerpts Fall 2023

Tenor Trombone Audition Excerpts Fall 2023

Bass Trombone Audition Excerpts Fall 2023

Tuba Audition Excerpts 2023

What do I need to know about the Symphony Orchestra? The Iowa State University Symphony Orchestra welcomes members from every single college and department on campus. Students come from a wide range of musical backgrounds: some have had years of private lessons, others have only played in their school orchestras. Some students, wind and brass players especially, have never been in orchestra before but are looking for new challenges and a chance to play music by some of the greatest composers who ever lived.

Our best piece of advice to everyone auditioning is simple: show us what you can do well. If that means you play something easy, we’d much prefer to hear that rather than hear you try something that’s outside your current skill level. And don’t ever assume you’re “not good enough.” Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and get in touch with us first.