ISU Symphony Orchestra Auditions


Audition Information Spring 2023 (Orchestra Audition Excerpts and Information)

Sign-ups for SPRING 2023 auditions HERE beginning January 8.

The Iowa State University Symphony Orchestra welcomes members from every single college and department on campus. Students come from a wide range of musical backgrounds: some have had years of private lessons, others have only played in their school orchestras. Some students, wind and brass players especially, have never been in orchestra before but are looking for new challenges and a chance to play music by some of the greatest composers who ever lived.

For returning musicians, comprehensive audition information is available through the link at the top of the page.

If you’re interested in playing in the orchestra, we want to hear from you. Write to us at and tell us what you play, as well as a bit about yourself – things like your hometown, how long you’ve been playing, if you play any other instruments, or what kind of experiences you’ve had as a musician – anything you think might be helpful.  We’ll also want to hear you play during our regular audition periods, usually the first week of classes each semester. Our goal is to ensure every student has a rewarding experience in the ensemble, and the audition is one of the tools that helps us figure out what the best fit is for you. When we hear a student audition, we’re only ever looking for reasons to say “yes!” to them.

Our best piece of advice everyone auditioning is simple: show us what you can do well. If that means you play something easy, we’d much prefer to hear that rather than hear you try something that’s outside your current skill level. And don’t ever assume you’re “not good enough.” Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and get in touch with us first.