General Recital: February 15, 2024

Thursday, February 15, 2024 - 1:10pm
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General Recital Poster

Experience the vibrant and dynamic musical community at Iowa State University with our Departmental General Recitals! These exceptional recitals provide supportive space for our talented music majors to share their progress and showcase their musical achievements among their peers. 

Step into a world of musical discovery as students studying with our esteemed music faculty take the stage, presenting an array of captivating performances that highlight their growth and dedication to their craft. From classical compositions to contemporary pieces, these recitals offer a diverse range of musical styles that will leave you inspired and entertained. 

The Departmental General Recitals create an environment where creativity flourishes and musical connections are forged. It's an opportunity for our talented students to receive valuable feedback, gain performance experience, and build lasting friendships with their fellow musicians. This nurturing setting fosters collaboration, artistic exploration, and personal growth, ensuring that our music majors reach their full potential. 

Prepare to be swept away by the incredible talent on display as each student shares their unique musical voice. From soul-stirring solos to harmonious ensembles, these recitals showcase the breadth and depth of our students' musical abilities. Witness their artistic journeys unfold before your eyes and be part of their musical narrative. 

Nestled within the Music Building on the enchanting campus of Iowa State University, Martha Ellen Tye Recital Hall stands as a hidden gem, offering a captivating space for music concerts and recitals. With its thoughtfully arranged seating and unobstructed sightlines, this cherished recital hall’s atmosphere envelops both performers and audiences to create an intimate connection that heightens the emotional impact of the music. This intimate venue has earned a well-deserved reputation as a haven for exceptional musical performances. 

Admission will be free for this concert. 

This concert will be live-streamed through the Recital Hall Webcast here