Percussion Studio - Technology and Facilities



Students learn how to track, mix, edit and master percussion solo/ensemble recordings and video productions. The percussion studio owns and regularly utilizes the following audio/visual equipment:

• Pearl EM1 Malletstation
• Yamaha Stagepas 600I PA System
• Yamaha MSR400 PA Speakers
• Rode NT5 stereo pairs
• Rode NT1-A large diaphragm condenser pairs
• AKG C314 large diaphragm condenser pairs
• Sure Beta 98NT
• Sure SM57 drum set mics
• Focusrite Scarlett 18I20 Interface
• Akai EIE Pro Interface
• Alesis MultiMix 12R mixer
• Zoom 2QN-4K
• Softbox Lighting Kit

Image of tech facilitiesThe Department of Music and Theatre also offers a minor in music technology, which can be combined with a music major degree. This program of study further prepares students for work in the creative application of computer technologies to sound synthesis techniques, programming designs for computer-based musical instruments ("virtual instruments"), development of human-computer interfaces for musical performance, and electronic music composition. This additional degree option gives students extra experience in music production and an edge over the competition for most music-related careers. Courses in the music technology program include:
• Creative Digital Music
• Computer Music Programming Design • Sound Synthesis Design for Electronic Music
• Electroacoustic Composition
• Physics of Music

Equipment and Facilities

The ISU Percussion facilities are first rate, and we are proud to offer a robust inventory of instruments for performance, rehearsal, recording, and practice. Our large rehearsal and performances spaces are wired for professional recording, and we have seven practice rooms with complete sets of gear to prepare for all rehearsals and performances. Our students have access to anything they need for standard ensemble, chamber, and solo repertoire. Highlights from our inventory include:

  • Eight concert marimbas, including three 5.0 Yamaha 5100A marimbas
  • Four vibraphones, including two custom extended-range Yamaha models
  • Three sets of timpani
  • Eight drumsets
  • Two complete sets of symphonic concert toms
  • Crash cymbals - 14 pairs
  • Suspended cymbals - 82 various types, along with a large assortment of tam-tams and gongs
  • Multiple full complements of xylophones, glockenspiels, chimes
  • Concert percussion gear – full complement of bass drums, triangles, woodblocks, temple blocks, tambourines, slapsticks, ratchets, log drums, cowbells, and various sound effects and mallets/beaters.