Percussion Studio - Auditions


Each year, the Music area offers nearly $150,000 in scholarships and general awards. Students do not need to apply for a particular scholarship since the application process applies to all awards. Auditions for acceptance into the School of Music and Percussion Studio and for scholarship awards occur each February. Please visit the Department of Music and Theatre website for important dates and deadlines.

The deadline for consideration of music scholarships is in February. However, prospective students are encouraged to complete their application to the University by December 15 for full consideration of all scholarships outside the music program.

Audition Days 2021: School of Music Auditions will be held online this year.  Ready to get your application started or learn more about our online auditions? It's easy!  Just click HERE and follow the step by step process to find out more.

For your audition, you should be prepared to perform the following:

Snare Drum:
• One concert style solo or etude
• You may be asked to play a variety of PAS Rudiments in addition to your prepared material.

• Mallet keyboard solo - (preferably four-mallet marimba, but two-mallet is acceptable)
• You will be asked to play major scales (two octaves) in addition to your prepared material.

• One solo or etude
• Demonstrate knowledge of tuning drums to specific pitches

Sight-reading will be asked on concert snare drum and two-mallet keyboard.

Optional Areas (you may include the following areas, if you wish):
*Drumset: Demonstrate 2-4 styles, such as swing, various Latin styles, funk, rock.
*Rudimental: solo or etude in rudimental style

 ***You are encouraged to go beyond the scope of all- state audition music. The purpose of an audition is to demonstrate your talents, so choose literature that you are comfortable with. Examples of appropriate repertoire include solo/ensemble competition repertoire and all-state style etudes/solos.

Please contact Dr. Sharp with any questions regarding appropriate repertoire.
Dr. Jonathan Sharp, Director of Percussion Studies