ISU Choirs


combined choirs and orchestra at Stephens Auditorium.

Masterworks - All four choirs and orchestra


Q: Do I have I have to be a Music Major to participate in choirs?
  A: No.  In fact, about 80% of our choir members are not music students!

Q: If I am not a Music Major, will I have time for choir?
  A: Yes.  Not only will you be able to make time for choir, studies show that students who sing in a choir actually do better academically.

Q: Do I sing well enough to be a member of an ISU choir?
  A: Virtually everyone who wants to sing in a choir may do so.  We have two auditioned and two non-auditioned choirs.  

Q: Is choir offered for academic credit?
  A: Yes.  Each choir carries one academic credit per semester.

Q: Where is Simon Estes Music Hall, and where can I find information about choirs?
A: Simon Estes Music Hall is located on the north side of Lake LaVerne.  Information can be found on our webpage.

Q: When and where are choir auditions held?
  A:  Fall auditions are held in 111 Simon Estes Music Hall the four days before classes begin. To audition, start by completing the application form. Then simply sign up for a time. Sign up sheets will be located in Simon Estes Music Hall prior to fall auditions.  Spring auditions are by appointment with the conductors.

Q: What happens in a typical audition?
  A:  Our auditions are stress free and last about seven minutes.  Auditions for Lyrica and Statesmen consist of brief vocal exercises to determine range and voice placement.  Auditions for Iowa State Singers and Cantamus include vocal exercises to determine range and voice placement, as well as sight-reading and tonal-memory exercises.  Singing a prepared solo for these last two groups is encouraged, though this component is certainly not required.

Q: Are there any tours?
  A:  Tours vary from year to year, ranging from local appearances, to singing at major national venues, to international tours.

Q: Do I need to provide my own concert attire?
  A:  No.  The university loans tuxes and dresses to the choir members.

Q: If I have further questions, whom should I contact?
A:  Dr. James Rodde,  515-294-0395


How to join a choir:
Start by completing the application form, and viewing the video below.