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combined choirs and orchestra at Stephens Auditorium.

Masterworks - All four choirs and orchestra


Q: Do I have I have to be a Music Major to participate in choirs?
  A: No.  In fact, about 80% of our choir members are not music students!

Q: If I am not a Music Major, will I have time for choir?
  A: Yes.  Not only will you be able to make time for choir, studies show that students who sing in a choir actually do better academically.

Q: Do I sing well enough to be a member of an ISU choir?
  A: Virtually everyone who wants to sing in a choir may do so.  We have two auditioned and two non-auditioned choirs.  

Q: Is choir offered for academic credit?
  A: Yes.  Each choir carries one academic credit per semester.

Q: Where is Music Hall, and where can I find information about choirs?
A: Music Hall is located on the north side of Lake LaVerne.  Information can be found on our webpage.

Q: When and where are choir auditions held?
  A:  Fall auditions are held in 009 and 111 Music Hall the four days before classes begin.  Simply sign up for a time.  Spring auditions are by appointment with the conductors.

Q: What happens in a typical audition?
  A:  An audition lasts between five and seven minutes.  Non-auditioned choirsLyrica and Statesmen, will be taken through a few brief vocal exercises to determine range and voice placement.  Auditioned choirsIowa State Singers and Cantamus, will be taken through a few vocal exercises to determine range and voice placement as well as tonal memory exercises and sight reading.  Singing a prepared solo for an auditioned choir is recommended in any style of your choosing, though this component is certainly not required.

Q: Are there any tours?
  A:  Tours vary from year to year, ranging from local appearances, to singing at major national venues, to international tours.

Q: Do I need to provide my own concert attire?
  A:  No.  The university loans tuxes and dresses to the choir members.

Q: If I have further questions, whom should I contact?
A:  Dr. James Rodde,  515-294-0395
      Kathleen Rodde,  515-294-4774


How to join a choir: