Independent Study in Electronic Music

Course Syllabus: 

Music 590I - Independent Study in Electronic Music

Cr. var. FS. (not offered Fall 2017)
Spring 2015 continuing students only.


Permission of instructor.

Students admitted to 590I normally will have completed 346 and/or 446 (both available for non-major graduate credit) or will have extensive experience with MIDI, sound synthesis, Max/MSP, and operation of a digital audio workstation. Selected semesters have a pre-defined research focus and may have special prerequisites.


Advanced work in sound synthesis, live electronic performance, emerging performance technologies. Meets regularly in a seminar format for discussions and presentations.

Recent Themes (meetings with 490I)

Fall-Spring 2013-2014: 3D Haptic Sound Design
Fall-Spring 2012-2013: 3D Haptic Sound Design
Fall-Spring 2011-2012: 3D Haptic Sound Design
Fall/Spring 2010-2011: Performance Controllers Development (Acceleglove and VibraTac)
Fall-Spring 2009-2010: Advanced Max/MSP Projects
Fall-Spring 2008-2009: Advanced Max/MSP Projects

Recent Individual Projects

Bravo, Fernando. "ImagineSound: a Max/MSP intermedia instrument using stochastic processes and time-based graphic displays"

Kosinski, Jeff. "Taking Hold of Sound: Developing a High Resolution Sensor Glove for Creating Music"

Kosinski, Jeff. "Subtractive Synthesizer Controlled by iPod Touch using Hexler's Touch OSC"

Oren, Mike. "... 3D graphical objects into real-time music using a haptic pen and an electronic synthesizer."

Svec, Karl. "An FFT-based Digital-channel Vocoder Implemented in Max/MSP"

Wiemer, Mark. "Handy Handler: a haptic controller using Maxbotics EZ-4 Sonar Modules interfaced with Max/MSP 5"

Willett, Jacob. "Hypermixer: a Max/MSP-based DJ mixer for live performance."


Music 346 MIDI and Digital Audio Systems

Music 446 Electronic Music Synthesis