Aural Theory IV

Course Syllabus: 


20th century chord exercises

Chord progressions

The following sections contain ear training exercises similar to the ones in class. The chorale progressions consist of an opening I-V7-I or -iV7-i progression to establish the key. A progression of seven chords then follows.

Chorale progressions containing borrowed chords:

Sound for progression 1

Score for progression 1

Chorale progressions containing borrowed chords and N6:

Sound for progression 2

Score for progression 2

Sound for progression 3

Score for progression 3

Chorale progression containing borrowed chords, N6, and expanded dominants. 

Sound for progression 4

Score for progression 4


Ottmann Sight Singing Assignment for Exam 2

Major and Minor Seventh Intervals for Skill Drill 2

Aural Skills Exam

    Compound Intervals (ascending and descending)

    20th cent. Chords

    20th cent. Scales/melodies

    Melodic dictation

    Expanded dominants, N6, augmented 6th chords


    Scrambled trichords

    What in the world?