Evaluating Creative Imagery in Electronic and Visual Music


Dr. Christopher Hopkins


This seminar is open to students in the University Honors Program.


What constitutes the essence of a musical image? How can a visual animation be musical? How can nominally unmusical sounds be the source for development of new music? What is the roll of technology in musical creativity beyond increased utility and new paths for dissemination? — These are some of the leading discussion questions for this seminar, which will explore what makes electronic and visual music a serious art form. In this seminar, you will develop models for evaluation of these media and curate a concert/screening of electronic/visual music, with brief presentations in the form of panel discussions and a program booklet. This concert will be included as an event in the annual Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music here at ISU (October 11-12).

Special note regards the course schedule

This seminar is listed as 4:10-6 pm Mondays, however due to requirements for time spent in seminar activities such as festival attendance, festival presentations, and smaller-group meetings, the 5-6 pm portion of the listed class time may be rescheduled at the students' discretion to other times as required by seminar activities.

Attendance at the Lipa Festival of Contemporary Music (one evening concert, one evening pre-concert lecture, one guest-artist presentation, and one daytime concert created by the participants in this seminar) is required.