Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation


B&W Carillon drawingThe Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation was incorporated on Dec. 31, 1954 to preserve, improve, and further the advancement of the carillon at Iowa State University. Membership in the foundation consists of eight descendants of the Knapp or Stanton families or ISU alumni not connected with the faculty or governing body of Iowa State University who serve for five years with balanced terminations, the ISU treasurer, the president of the Alumni Association, and two directors of the ISU Foundation. The Foundation meets once annually in April. 


Jennie Gromoll, President
Amy Brandau, Vice President
Jeffery W. Johnson, Secretary
Kate Fowler, Assistant Secretary 
Amy Crabbs, Treasurer
Kassy Corken, Assistant Treasurer


Amy Brandau, Jan Breitman, Kassy Corken, Mark Fletcher, Kate Fowler, Jennie Gromoll, Ellen Hunt, Eric Wittrock.
Iowa State University Foundation Governor Representatives: Diane Patton, Becky Stadlman

Advisory Committee 

Soo Ahn, Ola Carnahan, Frank Cownie, Casey Cunningham, Karen Knapp Danielson, Irving (Pat) Doe, Matt Fletcher, Michael Fletcher, Tim Fletcher, Mary Jean Fowler, Kendra Gray, Sally Higgins, Dick Horton, Noelle Houben, Zachary Hunt, Suzie Jurgensen, Travis Knapp, Tammy Koolbeck, Robert Lindemeyer, Nancy Litch, Heidi Long, Tracee Lorens, Beverly Madden, Warren Madden, Mary Ann Martin, Margaret Fowler McDowell, Jeffrey Prater, Sarah Romero, Kay Runge, Donald Simonson, Tanner Smith, Stewart Stanton, Virginia Stanton, Tin-Shi Tam, Robert Urbatsch, Rebekah Veldboom, Richard von Grabow, Leslie Watkins, Kristi White.


  • collection of correspondence, minutes, reports since 1929 is available at ISU Parks Library, Special Collections Department. 
  • 50th Anniversary Concert (April 20, 2004): Program
  • 65th Anniversary of Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation: The "Bells of Iowa State" Gala Anniversary Concert (October 27, 2019)