Carillon Festival 2011


CampanileCarillon Festival 2011
Saturday, September 24
Stanton Memorial Carillon

sponsored by the Stanton Memorial Carillon Foundation.

Schedule of Events

Events are FREE and OPEN to the public.

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM


Master Class
Arie Abbenes, guest carillonneur
Campanile & Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall (Music Hall Room 140)

12:00 PM


1:00 PM


Performance of the winning composition of the 2011 Carillon Composition Competition
Central Campus

For Whom The Bell Tolls for carillon by Alex Weiser, New York, New York.


2:00 PM - 2:45 PM

Carillon Recital
Arie Abbenes, guest carillonneur
Central Campus


Concerto after A. Marcello, BWV 974


Johann Sebastian Bach


Two Nocturnes

Molto moderato

John Field

The Arrival of Willibrord (1995)

Louis Andriessen

Passacaglia (1953)

Jos Lerinckx

Entertainment from Latin America:

Valse III

Con sentimento - tango


Agustin B. Mangoré
A. Malando

Carillon arrangments 1, 2, 5: Arie Abbenes

Program notes

This carillon program includes wide selections of music that the Utrecht audience is used to - original composition, arrangements in different styles, lighter music and well known tunes.

The first composition of Johann Sebastian Bach is in fact a “double” arrangement. In Bach's time, this was an accepted and popular practice to arrange Italian concertos for harpsichord or organ. Bach arranged the Concerto of Alessandro Marcello for harpsichord and Arie Abbenes wrote thereupon the carillon version.

The Irish born composer John Field spent the greatest part of his life in Russia. Being a virtuoso pianist, he devoted his talent mainly composing piano works. It is said he was the “inventor” of the Nocturne, the great example for Chopin!

Louis Andriessen is considered one of the most outstanding composers in The Netherlands. His affinity with the carillon dated from his youth where his parents' home stood in the shadow of the Utrecht Domtower. Andriessen got the commission for The Arrival of Willibrord in commemoration of the Irish missionary in The Netherlands, who started the conversion of the territory in 695. It is a descriptive composition, one hears the arrival of the missionary of the seashore, horseback riding to the heathens, the fight against the evil power and finally the victory. The composition was dedicated to Arie Abbenes.

The Passacaglia of the Flemish composer/carillonneur Jos Lerinckx is according to the recitalist the most beautiful music in the tradition of the Flemish-Romantic tremolo style. Lerinckx discovered later on that this masterpiece was in fact a self-portrait, containing all his moods and qualities as there are joy, sadness, doubt and spirituality. The composition has an open ending, his explanation was as follows: “in heaven the passacaglia will be completed, together with my father to whom it was dedicated”. With the death of Jos in 2000 the Flemish Composition School became history forever.

The finale of the program consists of light Latin-American music from the days of our grandparents. Mangoré from Paraguay and Malando from … Rotterdam, believe it or not.


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Campanile Tours
Central Campus


Arie AbbenesARIE ABBENES, born 1944 in Den Helder, studied carillon with Peter Bakker and with Piet van den Broek at the Beiaardschool in Mechelen, Belgium. He graduated with highest honor “Grote Onderscheiding” in 1968.
Abbenes is known for his broad interest in all styles and aspects of the art of the carillon. He premiered many compositions by prominent composers, and often compositions were dedicated to him as well. Abbenes worked on two projects with Mauricio Kagel including the prize-winning German CD production “Nah und Fern”.
Abbenes' interests in Early Music have resulted in his annual concerts at the Holland Festival Early Music in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Furthermore, inspired by the distinct approach to early music, he developed unique ideas in regards to carillon reconstructions.
In the years 1971-73, Abbenes was Associate Professor of Music in Carillon and Campanology at Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana (USA). He was also a long time Professor in Carillon at the Nederland Carillon School in Amersfoort.
Arie Abbenes is city carillonneur of Utrecht, where he plays the Hemony carillons in the Dom tower (1664), the Nicolaï Church (1649) and the new Petit & Fritsen carillon in Vleuten. Over 40 years, Abbenes was city carillonneur of Eindhoven and Asten.
Abbenes has numerous radio, television and CD recordings. This spring, his tenth CD in collaboration with recorder player Saskia Coolen was released. He has performed many guest concerts in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Portugal, United States, England, Ireland, Japan and Korea.
In 2004, he was awarded "Ridder in de Orde van Oranje Nassau" (Knight in the Order of Oranje Nassau) on the basis of his merits for the art of the carillon at home and abroad, and then he was appointed as citizen of honor of the city of Asten (NL) for the occasion of his 40 years carillonneur jubilee.