C-HOP Festival 2017 Carillon Lecture


C-HOP Festival 2017

Lecture: Did the Flemish really dance to carillon music?
Some authors believed the word "carillon" was originated from "quadrille", a square dance. Girolamo Maggi, the first scholar who wrote about carillon, heard that people in Flanders danced to carillon tunes on the streets, squares and in their homes. But was this really the case? What was the primary purpose of carillon music? In this lecture, Luc Rombouts will demystify the myths and the truth.

Luc RomboutsLuc Rombouts is city carillonneur of Tienen and university carillonneur of Leuven (Belgium). He has given recitals in Europe and in the USA and has performed during festivals and congresses. Together with his colleague Twan Bearda he forms the carillon duet The Bells' Angels. His research on historical aspects of carillon culture resulted in facsimile editions of two collections of 18th century carillon music and in the award-winning carillon history book Zingend Brons. This book was published in an English edition under the title Singing Bronze. In 2016, Luc obtained a Ph.D. degree cum laude at Utrecht University on a study about the origin of the carillon.