Project Timeline

This model was built by multi-disciplinary academic teams. Students from the college of design, and engineering, as well as carillon students, designed and assembled the model under the supervision of faculty members from respective colleges. The carillon was built by Meeks, Watson & Company.

  • Spring 2015

    Explored the feasibility of the project.

  • Fall 2015

    Established the Project Team. 

  • Spring 2016

    ME415 Class:

    screenshot of ME415 Design EXPO Poster

    ME415 students Professor Heise with ME415 students Richard Watson with ME415 students ME415 Final Presentation April 26 

    Fundraising kickoff April 26.

    Article from “Inside Iowa State”:
    screenshot of carillon model story

  • Fall 2016

    ME 466 Class: 

    ME 466 Design EXPO Poster

    Professor Heise and Professor Alleman with ME466 students ME466 students Professor Baughman and Professor Heise at ME466 Design EXPO December 6 ME466 Final Presentation December 7

  • Spring 2017

    ME415 & ME490H Class:
    ME415 Design EXPO Poster ME490H Design EXPO Poster


    LIDAR analysis of the campanile:

    Professor Forehand in preparation of the LIDAR scan

    Established the Student Carillonneur Leadership Council (SCLC)

    From “College of Engineering News”: 
    news story screenshotvideo screenshot

  • Fall 2017

    ME415 Class:

    ME415 Design EXPO Poster

    ME415 students discussed structural frame with Richard Watson ME415 Concept Review Presentation September 27 ME415 Design EXPO December 5 ME415 Final Presentation December 6

    Fundraising Events:

      Carillon Karaoke Fundraiser Fundraising poster Fundraising poster

    Article from “Iowa State Daily”:

    Iowa State Daily 170919

  • Spring 2018

    Bell Casting Event April 10:

    Bell Casting Event April 10

    ME415 Class:

    ME 415 Poster

    ME415 Concept Review Presentation February 15  Richard Watson with ME415 students  

    ECpE491 Class:

    Richard Watson with ECpE491 students ECpE491 Final Presentation April 24 

    3D Scanning of the Campanile:

    get ready to take off   3D drone scanning  3D drone scanning  drone pilot from Infralytiks  3D drone scanning  3D drone scanning by Intralytiks ​​​​​​​

  • Fall 2018

    Welding the Structural Frame:

    Mechanical Engineering Boyd Lab  Boyd Lab supervisors Craig Severson (left) and Josh DeLarm (right) discussed the project with ME student  unloading parts for the steel frame  placing the parts  tacking the parts  cross-checking placements of the parts  welding the parts  welded structural frame

    ME415 Class:

    ME415 Final Presentation December 7

    ECpE492 Class:

    ECpE492 Design Expo December 6  ECpE492 Final Presentation December 7

    Student Carillonneur Leadership Council:

    Students at ISU Extension and Outreach Learning Fair October 24  Students at ISU Extension and Outreach Learning Fair October 24

    From "College of Engineering":

    video shot

  • Spring 2019

    Fabrication of the Campanile-Carillon Model: ​​

    Staff at Russell's Trophies and Engraving working on bell inscriptions January 31 Engraved bells ready to transport back to Georgetown, Ohio for tuning March 3  Joshua Meeks received the engraved bells at Meeks, Watson Bell Foundry March 4 Andrew Jordan (Aerospace Engineering Teaching Laboratory Associate) setting up the Computer Numerical Control (CNC)machine CNC foam cutting of the campanile façade Professor Sunderman painted the façade with a student from Stagecraft, Design and Technical Theatre Class  campanile façade with a fully functional clock  Lovers bench made from a recycled Scarlet Oak by Randy Fiscus, ISU carpenter The Scarlet Oak Tree

    ME415 Class:

    ME415 Design EXPO Poster

    ME415 Final Presentation April 30 ME415 Design EXPO May 2

    ECpE491 Class:

    Professor Tuttle with ECpE491 students ECpE491 Final Presentation April 29

  • Fall 2019

    Campanile-Carillon Model Dedication October 27
    Campanile-Carillon Model

    Display in Parks Library October 31- November 22

    Display in Parks Library Jed Findlay and Brian Meyer videotaping the Campanile-Carillon Model

    ME415 Class:

    ME415 Design EXPO Poster ME415 Design EXPO Poster

    Professor Sunderman with ME415 students at ISU Theatre Scenic Shop September 4 ME415 students assembled the scissor lift September 11 ME415 Concept Review October 9 ME415 Design EXPO December 12

    ECpE492 Class:

    ECpE492 Final Presentation December 12 ECpE492 Design EXPO December 12

    Student Carillonneur Leadership Council:

    Fall ClubFest September 14 ISU Extension and Outreach Learning Fair October 8 Preparing the Homecoming Parade Float October 19 Homecoming Parade October 20 Homecoming Parade October 20


  • Spring 2020

    Assembly Testing:

    Assembly testing in Howe Hall February 11 Assembly testing in Howe Hall February 11 Assembly testing in Howe Hall February 11

    ME415 & ME466 Class:

    ME415 Design EXPO Poster ME466 Design EXPO Poster

    ME415 Concept Review February 27 ME466 Concept Review February 27 ME415 & ME466 Concept Review February 27 ME415 & ME466 Final Presentation April 30


  • Fall 2020

    Display in Sukup Atrium, Biorenewables Complex July 15

    Campanile-Carillon Model in Sukup Atrium

    Student Concerts:

    Model Carillon Student Concert Concert 201015 Concert 201112

    ME415 Class:

    ME415 Poster Team D22 ME415 Poster Team D23

    ME415 Concept Review ME415 Final Presentation

  • Spring 2021

    Valentine's Concert February 12 

    Faculty concert celebrates Valentine's

    Student Concerts

    ME466 Class:

    ME415 Design EXPO Poster

    ME466 Concept Review March 3 ME466 Concept Review March 3

    ME 466 Final Presentation April 28 ME 466 Final Presentation April 28

  • Fall 2021

    The Polar Express Concert December 3 

     The Polar Express Concert

    Student Concerts

    ME415 Class:

     ME415 Design EXPO Poster  ME415 Design EXPO Poster D4

         ME415 Final Presentation 

    TSM416 Class:



  • Spring 2022

    The Rhyme & Chimes Concert April 11 

     Rhymes & Chimes Concert Program

    Student Concerts

    ME415 Class:


         ME415 Final Presentation