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A Middle Ages and Renaissance Hit Parade

Allemande: The Honeysuckle - rauschpfeife, zink, lizard, sacbut, krumhorn, serpent - Holborne (died 1602)

In the Merry Month of May - soprano and alto recorders - Youll (fl. 1608)

Have you seen but a white lily grow? - soprano, lute - Anonymous (early 17th century)

Greensleeves - bass and great bass recorders - Anonymous (16th century)

Sir John Smith, His Almain - lute - Dowland (1562-1626) Read more about A Middle Ages and Renaissance Hit Parade

The Seven Ages of Man

1. infantia

At first the infant, mewling and puking in the nurse's arms;

Three Blind Mice - soprano, tenor, baritone - Ravenscroft

Derrie ding ding dasson (from Melismata) - audience - Ravenscroft

Ring around the rosie - soprano, garklein recorder - Anonymous (14th century)

O ye tender babes - great bass recorder and harp - Tallis (c.1505-1585)

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Early Music from Scotland

The Gowans are Gay ............................. Anonymous 
soprano, tenor, garklein recorder, alto gemshorn, audience

In a Garden so Green ........ Anonymous 
soprano, harpsichord


Our Father God Celestial (Lord's Prayer) ...... Pierre Cadeac (pub. 1538) 
soprano, harp, bass and contrabass recorders, gamba


My Lord of Marche Paven a 4 ........... James Lauder (16th century) 
dancers, tenor and great bass recorders, gamba, harpsichord Read more about Early Music from Scotland