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Music from the time of Martin Luther

C'est a grand tort - soprano, lute - Sermisy (c. 1490-1562)

Allemand and Nachtanz - dancers, ensemble - Susato (d.ied c. 1564)

Baissez moi - soprano, baritone, sacbut, krummhorn, rebec, recorder - Josquin des Pres (c. 1440-1521)

Mille regretz - tenor, bass and great bass recorders, gamba - Josquin

Scaramella - ensemble - Josquin

Jocose Song for Louis XII - ensemble - Josquin Read more about Music from the time of Martin Luther

Italian Music of the 16th Century

Three Ballette - Gastoldi (c. 1550-1622)

Il Ballerina, Lo Spensierato, Il Tedesco,

Frottola: Poi che speranza è morte - de Luprano (c. 16th century)

Two Madrigals: 
Madonna, il bel desire - Willaaert (1490-1562) 
Fu temp gia - Arcadelt (c. 1505-c. 1567)

Three Instrumental Pieces: 
L'Alfonsia - Ghiselin/Verbonnet 
La gamba - Ruffo (c. 1510-1587) 
La nuvolina - Canali (17th century) Read more about Italian Music of the 16th Century

Anatomy of Illness

Invocation to Ra - reader and percussion - Egypt (2000-1200 B. C.)

Hymn to St. John: Ut queant laxis - ensemble - Paulus Diaconus (c.774)

Two Plague Songs: 
Ein Maennlein steht in Walde - baritone, lute, hirtenschalmei 
Ring Around the Rosie - soprano, garklein recorder

Maria, Mutter, reine Maid - ensemble - Anonymous (1349)

Cantiga: Como hua moller - gemshorn - Alfonso el Sabio (1221-1284) Read more about Anatomy of Illness

The Seven Cardinal Sins

Homo, quo vigeas vide - ensemble - Carmina Burana (early 13th century)

Sainte Marie - soprano, rebec - St. Godric (died 1170)


O Christians, arrogant, exhausted, wretched, whose intellects are sick and cannot see, who place your conficence in backward steps, Why does your mind presume to flight when you are still like the imperfect grub, the worm before it has attained its final form?

Maledetto sia l'aspetto - tenor, harpsichord, recorders, gamba - Monteverdi (1567-1643) Read more about The Seven Cardinal Sins

Music of the Middle Ages

As performed at the Salisbury House

The flowers of the forest - Scottish (traditional) 
hammered dulcimer, tenor recorder, rebec

Lullay: I saw - Medieval English Carol 
soprano, tenor recorder

Hymn to St. Magnus - (12th century) 
bagpipes, soprano recorder


Pastourelle: Dehors lone pree - Anonymous French (13th century) 
pipe and tabor Read more about Music of the Middle Ages

Music from Both Sides of the English Channel

Music of the Netherlands

Het Soude - rauschpfeife, zink, sacbuts - Anon. (mid-16th century)

Psalm 92 from Souterliedekens - soprano, baritone, recorder, krummhorns - Susato (died c. 1564)

Mijn morken gaf - baritone, zink, rebec, recorder, bass krummhorn -

Ain niederlandisch runden Dantz - lutes - Neusidler (c. 1508-1563)

Ein Niderlendisch tentzlein - lutes - Judenkuenig (c. 1460-1526) Read more about Music from Both Sides of the English Channel

Music from the Court of Burgundy (1430-1500)

The dukedom of Burgundy was founded in 1363, when John II of France gave it to his son Philip (1342-1404). Burgundy attained the height of her power under Philip the Good (1396-1467) and through marriages, inheritance, purchase and conquest, its territory was soon extended. When Philip's successor, Charles the Bold, died in 1477, Louis XI of France took Burgundy back into his empire. Some of the greatest artists of the time, including Jan van Eyck, were drawn into the sphere of the Burgundian count. However, little of the music of this era is familiar today. Read more about Music from the Court of Burgundy (1430-1500)