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Anatomy of Illness

Invocation to Ra - reader and percussion - Egypt (2000-1200 B. C.)

Hymn to St. John: Ut queant laxis - ensemble - Paulus Diaconus (c.774)

Two Plague Songs: 
Ein Maennlein steht in Walde - baritone, lute, hirtenschalmei 
Ring Around the Rosie - soprano, garklein recorder

Maria, Mutter, reine Maid - ensemble - Anonymous (1349)

Cantiga: Como hua moller - gemshorn - Alfonso el Sabio (1221-1284) Read more about Anatomy of Illness

Music of the Middle Ages

As performed at the Salisbury House

The flowers of the forest - Scottish (traditional) 
hammered dulcimer, tenor recorder, rebec

Lullay: I saw - Medieval English Carol 
soprano, tenor recorder

Hymn to St. Magnus - (12th century) 
bagpipes, soprano recorder


Pastourelle: Dehors lone pree - Anonymous French (13th century) 
pipe and tabor Read more about Music of the Middle Ages

Music from Both Sides of the English Channel

Music of the Netherlands

Het Soude - rauschpfeife, zink, sacbuts - Anon. (mid-16th century)

Psalm 92 from Souterliedekens - soprano, baritone, recorder, krummhorns - Susato (died c. 1564)

Mijn morken gaf - baritone, zink, rebec, recorder, bass krummhorn -

Ain niederlandisch runden Dantz - lutes - Neusidler (c. 1508-1563)

Ein Niderlendisch tentzlein - lutes - Judenkuenig (c. 1460-1526) Read more about Music from Both Sides of the English Channel

A Program of Medieval Music and Renaissance Italian Music

Ut queant laxis - A Medieval Warmupby Guido d'Arezzo (c. 990-1050) 
Translation: So that thy servants may sing the woder of thy deeds with relaxed vocal chords, 
remove all guilt from their defiled lips, St. John.

Kyrie - Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) 
soprano, organetto, harp, bell, rebec

O viridisima virga - Hildegard 
soprano, symphonia, organetto, harp, rebec

*** Read more about A Program of Medieval Music and Renaissance Italian Music

Country Music from the Renaissance and Middle Ages

The Pastoral Countryside

Pastorella - recorders, lute - Anon. (16th century)

Jolly Shepherd Boy - soprano, shawm - Ravenscroft (c. 1590-c. 1633)

La pastorella - alto, tenor, bass recorders - Arcadelt (c 1504-1568)

Schaefertanz - organetto, lute, harp, bass cornamuse - Susato (c. 1500-1561)

The Country Lass

I Care not for These Ladies - baritone, lute - Morley (1557-1602)

Un cavalier de Spagna - soprano shawm, zink - Anon. (16th century)

Bobbing Joe - dancers - Anon. (17th century) Read more about Country Music from the Renaissance and Middle Ages

Music at the Court of Maximilian

Although the German Renaissance was not the resplendent one of Italy, the Court of Maximilian I shone with a brillance that was second to none. Music was an indispensable part of court life, and the Kaiser surrounded himself with an entire battery of musicians and first-rate composers like Hofhaimer, Senfl, and Isaac.


Preambulum in re - Leonhard Kleber 

Meins trauens ist - Paul Hofhaimer 
ensemble Read more about Music at the Court of Maximilian

Images of Women

Woman as Oracle

First Delphic Hymn to Apollo - soprano - Anonymous (c.140 B.C.)

Woman as Virgin

Marian Antiphon: Alma Redemptoris Mater - The Music Men - Anon. (11th, 12th centuries)

Cantigas de Santa Maria - Anonymous (13th century) 
Como hua moller - gemshorn 
O que en Santa Maria - hurdy-gurdy 
Muit amar deuemos - ensemble Read more about Images of Women

A Middle Ages and Renaissance Hit Parade

Allemande: The Honeysuckle - rauschpfeife, zink, lizard, sacbut, krumhorn, serpent - Holborne (died 1602)

In the Merry Month of May - soprano and alto recorders - Youll (fl. 1608)

Have you seen but a white lily grow? - soprano, lute - Anonymous (early 17th century)

Greensleeves - bass and great bass recorders - Anonymous (16th century)

Sir John Smith, His Almain - lute - Dowland (1562-1626) Read more about A Middle Ages and Renaissance Hit Parade