Play of Daniel Performance in Des Moines

Steve, Jeff, Alan, and Dee dressed in medieval garb

Steve, Jeff, Alan, and Dee dressed in medieval garb for the Play of Daniel in Des Moines

Doc in costume

Doc, costumed even with organetto strap for playing during the processional

Dee in costume

Everything's medieval except the bike.

Doc practicing

In the Gull Point Lodge, Lake West Okoboji

Doc setting up for program

Doc is seen wishing that all the equipment would levitate into place 
for a program at Maharishi University.

1975 Performance at Kansas State University

musica antiqua performing

from left: Ed Weiss (lute), Margaret Harnish, James Hohlfeld (crumhorn), ???, 
Gary Tysdal (shawm), Susan Sacquitne, Kathy Harmison, Eric Van Camp (voice), 
Alan Spohnheimer (sacbut), Kathy Kiser (sacbut), Marion Hendrickson (bass sacbut) 
Carl Bleyle, conducting

Musicians playing on stage

Kathy Kiser (tenor sacbut), Marion Hendrickson (bass sacbut), Alan Spohnheimer (tenor sacbut)

Musicians playing

Intertwined sacbuts 
Think of this as a crowd pleasing feature, not a cheap gimmick.

musica antiqua performing

At this program, a recently discovered early manuscript was performed 
which sounded quite similar to the Kansas State Fight Song.

Musicians playing

Marion Hendrickson plays his new serpent

Musicians playing

Carl Bleyle on organetto, Alan on bass crumhorn 
who needed the pencil?

Conversation after the show

Visiting with the audience after the show

Susan Sacquitne

Susan Sacquitne

Pipes on the Plains 2009


2009 Wichita Performance for the American Guild of Organists

Dee in the van

Dee just loves to drive! 

Van in front of Wichita hotel

It was a short trip to Wichita (if you sleep most of the way). 

Look at inside of packed van

Perhaps a 15 passenger van is necessary if one doesn't travel light

Lobby of Hotel at Old Town

Hotel at Old Town is a creative and beautiful reuse of the 1906 Keen Kutter warehouse.

Steve in hotel room

Steve adapts quickly to a luxurious living. 

Outside the museum of world treasures

Let's see.  Go the museum?  Maybe we better eat first!

Old Train at the Wichita Museum

There were a number of historic attractions and museums in Wichita's Historic Old Town. 

Antiqua group photo

Musica Antiqua's performance was in Wichita's Botanica Gardens.

Overview of crowd

Let's see. Shall we delay our meal until after the program? 

Doc addresses the audience

Professor Bleyle addresses the audience.

Doc joking with audience

Don't be fooled into thinking the program will be dignified just because the 
performance area has wonderful temperature and humidity control.

Conference guests looking at

The conference guests included a number of people who also perform on early instruments.

Organetto on display

Of course the organetto was a popular instrument at an AGO event. 

Carrol Hassman and friend

Our program host, Carrol Hassman (left), and an organist friend. 

Doc showing off the organetto
packing up instruments

Time to pack up. 

Steve packing up

Steve's look says it all. 
We'll get home sooner if you put down that camera and help load!