Music of the Middle Ages


As performed at the Salisbury House

The flowers of the forest - Scottish (traditional) 
hammered dulcimer, tenor recorder, rebec

Lullay: I saw - Medieval English Carol 
soprano, tenor recorder

Hymn to St. Magnus - (12th century) 
bagpipes, soprano recorder


Pastourelle: Dehors lone pree - Anonymous French (13th century) 
pipe and tabor

Sephardic song: Una matica be rude - Anonymous (traditional) 
soprano, rebec, alto recorder, bells, percussion

Chansonett: Quant je voy yuer retourner - Muset (fl. c. 1200-1250) 


Robins m'aime - Adam de la Halle (c. 1245- c. 1288) 
soprano, rebec, soprano and tenor recorders, bell

Reis Glorios - Guiraut de Bornelh (c. 1140-c. 1200) 

Conductus: Hae in Anni Janua - Anonymous (13th century) 
organetto, gemshorn, alto recorder


Kyrie - Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179) 
soprano, harp, organetto, bell

La belle se siet - Dufay (d. 1474) 
soprano, soprano recorder, tenor recorder, gamba


Branle des Lavandieres - Arbeau (1520-1595) 
dancer, sopranino recorder, zink, sackbut, gamba, percussion

Rota-Motet: Sumer is icumen in - Anonymous (c. 1240) 


Estampie: Lamento di Tristan - Italian (14th century)

Motet: Alle psallite - Alleluya - Codex Montpellier (13th century) 
soprano, organetto, tenor sackbut, percussion, bells

Saltarello - Anonymous Italian (14th century) 
organetto, percussion ensemble, dancer