Music from the Reign of James I


Pavan: The Funerals - ensemble - Holborne (d. 1602)

Pavan - ensemble - Dering (d. 1630)

Weep, O mine eyes - vocal quartet - Bennet (c. 1570-1610)

Now, O now I needs must part - vocal quartet - Dowland (1562-1626)

Selections from Deuteromelia, Melismata, Pamelia - Ravenscroft (c.1590-c. 1633)

The Marriage of the Frogge and the Mouse - alto, gemshorn

A Round of three Country dances in one - krummhorns, recorder

Three Ravens - soprano, quartet, recorders

Three blind Mice - vocal trio

The Hunting of the Hare - sacbut quartet

Galliard to the flatt Pavan - Lute - Mynshall Lute Book

Care-Charming Sleep - soprano, lute, gamba - Johnson (died 1633)

Four Dances from Pavans, Galliards, Almains - dancers - Holborne

Pavan, Galliard, Lullabie (galliard), Almaine

Shall I look to ease my grief - soprano, baritone, lute - Jones (17th century)

Sweet Kate - soprano, baritone, lute, gamba - Jones

O Lord, increase my faith - vocal quartet - Gibbons (1583-1625)

Yore Tune from The Whole Books of Psalmes - Ravenscroft

My joy is dead - soprano, alto, lute, gamba - Coperario (died 1626)

Give me my yellow hose - baritone, sopranino recorder, ensemble - (17th century)

Fantasy Number 3 - recorder trio - Gibbons

Fantasy: The Cries of London (Gloria tibi trinitas) - ensemble - Gibbons