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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

Meet Musica Antiqua's Performers
Carl Bleyle, the Director and narrator for Musica Antiqua performances, is a Professor Emeritus of Musicology at Iowa State University. Besides being a premier squash player and seafood connoiseur, Dr. Bleyle is also director of music at Collegiate United Methodist Church. Formerly a public vocal music and band teacher in Kentucky, Bleyle received his Music degrees from the University of Kentucky and his Doctor of Musicology degree from the University of Minnesota. His research provided guidelines to help reconstruct, through logarithmic calculations, organ pipe scalings and tunings for 18th century European and American organs. Many of today's outstanding early music performers studied at ISU under Dr. Bleyle. In addition to researching material for programs and directing Musica Antiqua, Dr. Bleyle also performs with the group on the organetto, zink, mute cornet, recorders, krumhorn, pipe and tabor, hirtenschalmei, bladder pipe, gemshorn, harp, and harpsichord.  His help is often requested on vocal numbers as well.  Professor Bleyle's voice possesses a unique, almost indescribable, quality.
Dee Dreeszen, an original member of Musica Antiqua, works at the Iowa State University Library. A former art teacher, Dee received her art degree from ISU. When Ms. Dreeszen is not performing with Antiqua or working at the library, you might find her on the softball field or leading the five bell choirs she directs at Collegiate Methodist Church.

When performing with the group, Dee plays recorders, hirtenschalmei, rauschpfeife, krumhorn, gemshorn, harp, kortholt, the hammered dulcimer, and bells.

Steve Kelleher, Musica Antiqua's string specialist, is a former music teacher living in Fort Dodge.  Steve is the newest member of the core ensemble, joining the group in 1977.  Steve received his music degree from St. Teresa's plus training in data processing from Iowa Central, in Orff-Schulwerk from DePaul in Chicago, and in elementary resource from ISU.  With all that training, Steve has been known to take nearly any job (including piano tuning) which allows him to play tennis with his kids and pursue his love of performing.  While known for his classical guitar performances, Steve also plays electric bass or traps with local ensembles.

When performing with Musica Antiqua, Mr. Kelleher plays the lute, bass gamba, rebec, krumhorn, recorder, and percussion.

Alan Spohnheimer, another original member of Antiqua, is a former middle school band director for South Hamilton Community School.  He attended the University of Texas where he performed with the UT Early Music Ensemble, and received his music degree from ISU.  Alan enjoyed working as administrator and webmaster for the Ames Historical Society and still works to keep his fleet of antique cars, trucks, motorcycles running.  While he no longer teaches swimming and lifesaving, he still enjoys his his canoes, kayaks and Hobie Cat sailboat.

When performing with Musica Antiqua, Alan plays recorders, krumhorn, sacbut, hirtenschalmei, gemshorn, hurdy-gurdy, bagpipe, cornamuse, and shawm.

Jean Thomas, vocal soloist with Musica Antiqua, is a studio voice instructor at Iowa State University. She earned the B.A. degree in music from St. Olaf College, and the M.M. degree in voice from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jean has studied Medieval and Renaissance vocal style with Thomas Binkeley, Andrea von Ramm, and Cantor Isaac Behar. She often presents lecture-demonstrations on early music style and ornamentation, and on early methods of voice teaching. (A bit of early advice, not eat crickets if you are planning to sing...) Jean's other passions include people, music of many types and cultures, art and design, foreign languages and cultures, history, and poetry. She is also an avid jogger, world traveller, reader and cook. In addition to her vocal duties with Antiqua, Jean Thomas also plays percussion.
Don Simonson, Associate Professor of Music and also voice division chair at Iowa State University, received his music degrees from Drake University and Northwestern University. Don did advanced study at the Akademie für Musik in Vienna, Austria. He has appeared in leading roles and as a soloist with opera companies, symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles throughout Europe and America and has been featured on Austrian, German and Italian national radio and television broadcasts. When performing with Musica Antiqua, Don sings tenor.
David Stephenson, Associate Professor in ISU's Electrical Engineering Department and an expert in microwave measurements and radio propagation, is one of Antiqua's coachhorn and percussion players and the ensemble's lizard player. David also performs with the Collegiate Brass Quintet.
Bion Pierson, Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at ISU and an expert in automatic flight control systems and trajectory optimization, is also an expert trumpet player. One of his artistic outlets is providing Coachhorn fanfares for some Antiqua performances. Another is playing trumpet with the Collegiate Brass Quintet.
Stephani Scherbart, a library assistant at ISU's Robert Parks Library and horn player in the Collegiate Brass Quintet, is a coachhorn, percussionist, and soprano zink player with Musica Antiqua.
Kevin Schilling, Associate Professor of Oboe and Theory at Iowa State University, received his D.M.A. degree from Indiana University.  An expert in Baroque oboe performance, and a member of Basically Baroque, Kevin performs with Musica Antiqua on the rackett, shawms, krumhorn, and the dulcian.
Jeff Dilks, an occasional member of Antiqua, is a high school physics teacher at Ames High School. He has a B.A. in Physics from University of Illinois and an M.S. in the History of Science and Technology from ISU. You will find Jeff on the golf course in the summer, playing the baroque flute and harpsichord during the winter, and doing some star-gazing when the skies are clear.

Jeff plays transverse flute, recorders, and percussion with Musica Antiqua.

Valerie Williams, director of Valerie Williams Dance Co'Motion Theatre, received her dance degree from Iowa State University. Valerie has choreographed more than 50 theatre productions and has performed as an Iowa Artist in the Schools/Community for 20 years. 

Larry Gleason, vice president of an architectural consulting firm in Minneapolis, received his architecture degree from Iowa State University. He has performed Renaissance dance with Musica Antiqua for many years.

Janice Baker, Assistant Professor in the department of Health and Human Performance with a specialty in dance at Iowa State University, is one of Musica Antiqua's dancers at madrigal dinners and Renaissance fairs.
The Early Music Vocal Ensemble - The Music Men
Paul Anderson, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture and Agronomy and member of the American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, is a low brass performer in several ensembles.  Besides singing tenor with The Music Men since 1985. and performing with the Collegiate Brass Quintet, Paul is Antiqua's serpent player. Music Men
Randy Compton, a founding member of The Music Men, sings tenor.
Randy Griffith has been performing with The Music Men since 1988.  He is a baritone.
Sam Wormley, an Associate Scientist for the Center for Nondestructive Evaluation, has been singing lead or tenor with the The Music Men since its inception in 1975.  Sam is a well known amateur astronomer and has been spotted carrying the world's largest camera lens.
Kendal Kline is the most recent addition to The Music Men, joining the group to sing bass in 1989.
Former Antiqua Performers - Antiqua Photo Album

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