Carl Bleyle

Carl Bleyle

Carl Bleyle, the Director and narrator for Musica Antiqua performances, is a Professor Emeritus of Musicology at Iowa State University. Besides being a premier squash player and seafood connoisseur, Dr. Bleyle is also director of music at Collegiate United Methodist Church. Formerly a public vocal music and band teacher in Kentucky, Bleyle received his Music degrees from the University of Kentucky and his Doctor of Musicology degree from the University of Minnesota. His research provided guidelines to help reconstruct, through logarithmic calculations, organ pipe scalings and tunings for 18th century European and American organs. Many of today's outstanding early music performers studied at ISU under Dr. Bleyle. In addition to researching material for programs and directing Musica Antiqua, Dr. Bleyle also performs with the group on various instruments. His help is often requested on vocal numbers as well. Professor Bleyle's voice possesses a unique, almost indescribable, quality.