Once Upon a Time in Council Bluffs - Faire of the Midlands

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audience member listening in
Crowd at the Faire
Doc and a Dancer
Other faire performers
Crowd watching antiqua
Music man eating
Doc entertaining
mystery performer

Who is the mystery performer? 

Steve playing lute
Child running from troll

Don't let the troll catch you!

audience members listening
People enjoying the antiqua performers
Girls dressed in fairy costumes
Doc entertaining the crowd
Young girls watching the performance
Antiqua serpent player
Doc Bleyle playing
Musica antiqua dancers
Musica antiqua dancers
Doc eating

Tell Pat I had a fruit cup. 

member sitting alone

It's lonely being the only one.

Dee and Valerie under the tent

More rain? No problem!

man behind hay bales

Not the best place for your chair! 

King and queen of faire

Special guests honor our tent.

Doc playing for the king and queen

A command performance. 
The King did later pronounce his approval. 

girls leading sheep through faire

Yesterday there were three sheep. Today there are only two. 
Hmmmm! Now we know where the bladder pipe's bladder came from. 

Teens delivering lemonade and almonds to the tent

Nothing is better than lemonade and roasted almonds delivered to your tent!

man video taping
Doc playing the bass recorder

The bass recorder is very mellow. 

Doc playing mystery instrument

But guess what Doc is playing now...

Valerie and Larry
Valerie and Larry dancing
Antiqua playing together
Steve on the lute
Close of the lute's detail