Musica Antiqua Performs for the World Carillon Federation Congress

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World Carillon Federation banner

On July 7, Musica Antiqua performed for the the World Carillon Federation Congress 2000 closing banquet in Springfield, Illinois. The July 2-7 festival was held in the Springfield Hilton Hotel with carillon performances at the beautiful Rees Memorial Carillon.

Expert Carilloneurs from around the world attended and performed at this festival.

hilton hotel sign
lute player

Can you keep those strings in tune in this humidity? 

Antiqua members conversing

Can we get them to dry out this place? 

Antiqua members conversing

I think we are going to change the program. 

The hilton hotel

The Hilton Hotel 

hilton hotel shadow

Shadow cast by 30 stories 

Antiqua members performing with a new friend

Performing with a new friend from Canberra, Australia

Antiqua member conversing with new friends
Antiqua member conversing with new friends

Music communicates across language barriers

audience members listening intently
carilloneurs interested in bells

The carilloneurs were really interested in our bells and bell tree, of course.

carilloneurs interested in bells

Musica Antiqua members enjoyed learning about the many Lincoln related sights while visiting Springfield. 

Jean (an Illinois native) provided great advice for the short tour of the area. 

Antiqua members touring Lincoln's home

Steve and Doc finish the tour of Lincoln's Springfield home

Doc picking up coins in the empty fountain

Picking up coins in the empty fountain helps to fund the trip. 

Doc looks at a display

Interesting displays in the Dean House

Silly picture of a stare down with a mannequin of Lincoln

Face to face with the 16th president

Historic courthouse

The Historic Courthouse

Antiqua members eating

Post-concert celebration feast