Music Festival Performance at Amana

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Steve addressing the audience

This was the first ever performance in a barn for Musica Antiqua.  The occasion was the 2003 Summer Music Festival in Amana, Iowa, where the 160 foot long Festhalle proved to be a fine concert hall.  The diverse friendly audience, the country smells from the horses quartered below, and the July humidity all contributed to a setting which will be remembered fondly.

Entrance to the venue
van backing into barn opening
van in the barn
beautifully decorated barn interior
getting ready for performance
steve warming up
dee and steve on recorders

Humidity-proof plastic recorders are only for warming up. 

interestingly constructed interior
Dee playing for the audience
steve and attendee conversing
Dee and Doc eating

Nothing's so good after a concert as an Amana Colonies Root Beer with your brat & saurkraut!