Muscatine Renaissance Fair Performance

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muscatine art center

The Muscatine Art Center was among the sites used for the Winter Renaissance Fair. 

Dee and Doc

Wasn't our very first Iowa Arts Council performance in Muscatine?

Etsey player pipe organ

Musica Antiqua performed in the beautiful Music Room, where there was an Estey player pipe organ.

The Estey Organ was built in 1919 by the Estey Company of Brattleboro, Vermont.  the cost of the organ was $10,500.  A room approximately 18 by 11 feet, screened by a wooden grill behind the organ, houses 731 pipes, 11 manual ranks, 2 pedal ranks, plus chimes and an unusual glass harp.  The organ can be played both manually and automatically.  About 200 player rolls in the collection include classic and popular tunes of the 1920's and 30's.  The player mechanism is essentially a computer and runs on air pressure (from a bellows) generated in the basement beneath the organ.

The music room

The Music Room contained several hidden treasures, such as the 1890's Swiss music box under the painting. 

Audience participating

Audience participation

Audience participation
Audience listening to Doc
Children with recorders

The performances used eight sizes of recorders. 

Doc with a bladder pipe and young audience member

The bladder pipe is scary!