2007 ISU Madrigal Dinner

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Thanks to Sam Wormley for these photos! 

Head table

Head Table

Man singing


Students singing and presenting food

Boar's Head

King and Queen

King and M'Lady

Krumhorn Trio

Krumhorn Trio - Alan, Doc, & Dee

Steve playing Lute

Steve with his Lute, Frog Galliarde

Girls posing with knight armor
Paul with serpent

Paul with Serpent

Valerie and Larry

Valerie & Larry

Dee with Tenor Hirtenschalmei

Dee with Tenor Hirtenschalmei 

Alan with Bass Hirtenschalmei

Alan, Bass Hirtenschalmei 

Plum pudding presented by students

Plum Pudding 

Plum Pudding aflame

Plum Pudding aflame

Dee on Alto Recorder

Dee, Alto Recorder

Student performer
Gemshorn Trio

Gemshorn Trio - Doc, Dee, & Alan

Doc with Alto Zink

Doc Bleyle with Alto Zink

Dee playing Sopranino Recorder

Dee playing Sopranino Recorder

Alan with Tenor Sacbut

Alan, Tenor Sacbut

King and Queen read a note
Child looks out from behind a suit of armor