2007 Eagle Grove Renaissance Fair

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Steve preparing for performance

The Boss

Dee in from of Castle backdrop

A portion of the new Eagle Grove castle is visible in the background 

Doc fooling around

Hey, wait! They're going to feed us later! 

Dinner time

This is later.
The members of Musica Antiqua enjoyed their day in Robert Blue School in Eagle Grove. 
The students were a great audience.

Alan, Doc, and Dee playing
Steve, Doc, Dee, and Alan playing
Antiqua on stage
Antiqua on stage
Antiqua playing in the crowd
Performing by Eagle Grove students
Performing by Eagle Grove students
Performing students
Actors on stage
Krumhorn is sounded
Kid in petting zoo pen
Student locked in stocks
Students enjoying renaissance fair activities
Students at the renaissance fair
Student=ts at a fair booth smiling
Dressed up students smile for the camera
Dressed up attendees at the pickle stand
dressed up kids at drinks table
Coat of Arms coloring table
Overview of Eagle Grove Renaissance Fair